Portugal Wants To Welcome You Home
Issue March 2021

Discover the one-of-a-kind guide to the Portugal Golden Visa program – the most popular and successful residency-by-investment and citizenship-by-investment visa program in the world.

From its benefits, requirements, investment options, cost and taxes, application process to all the frequently asked questions - it takes you step by step through how it works to how you can apply and get a second passport in Portugal.

Portugal’s exquisite landscapes and culture are calling you home. Applying is simple, and properties for purchase are readily available. Find details on how to apply, new properties for sale, investment statistics, news and updates about the Golden Visa Program, and FAQs to aid in the application process.

Portugal is known for its impeccable climate, beautiful beaches, exquisite culture, and its Golden Visa Program. This program is one of the most desirable and popular investment-based visa schemes in the world. Due to the affordable property prices, scenery, climate, safety, healthcare, and education system, persons from across the globe are flocking to Portugal.


If you are considering in taking the step towards applying for residency in Portugal, it’s important to be familiar with the application process and the Golden Visa requirements. The application is straightforward, but there are many moving parts before completion.

In addition to the physical application, an investment is required. There are many investment options and details related to each investment opportunity. At Portugal-golden-visa.pt, we can assist you in ensuring you are making the right real estate investment and aid you in the sales process.

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Overall, Portugal generated €646m EUR in 2020 from 3,225 people, out of which €588m EUR was yielded from real estate investment and €58m EUR from capital transfer.

Portugal Golden Visa - 2020 investments by investment route infographic

Properties for Sale

Now is your chance to obtain a property in the sought-after metropolitans and coastal communities of Portugal.

Faro, the capital of Algarve, is known for its sunny climate, at 300 sunny days a year, natural parks, preserved lagoons, and numerous entertainment opportunities. Visit and watch your quality of life improve within hours as you enjoy breathtaking views, relaxing experiences, and peace of mind knowing you are in the third safest country in the world.

Introducing No.9 Faro, Algarve, Portugal

No.9 Faro, Algarve, Portugal - picture of 3D rendering of the building facade

The No.9 Faro apartments are extremely affordable, starting at €370,000 EUR. Centrally located, this 1950’s building has been updated with a modern turn-key design and offers buyers multiple two-bedroom option setups. All units have a private terrace and access to a private rooftop garden.

Buy No.9 Faro apartments directly from the developer

Latest News

Current State of Portugal

A global pandemic took the reign of the world in 2020. It caused most of the world to shut down for months-on-end, with many countries still experiencing this turmoil. Riddled with social uncertainty and economic volatility, it is a year that will be remembered for decades to come.

Portugal is currently experiencing a drastic increase in COVID-19 cases as a new strain erupts in Europe and the holiday wave reaches its breaking point. A state of emergency is in place and new stringent travel restrictions have taken hold of the region. In an effort to stop the spread, Portugal has taken action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a United States citizen apply for the Golden Visa Program?

Yes, a US citizen can apply for the Golden Visa Program. US citizens are allowed to hold dual citizenship with Portugal, as well. Therefore, after year 5, you may choose to become a citizen of Portugal.

2. Can my family members apply for the Golden Visa?

Yes, spouse and dependents can apply and qualify for the Golden Visa. However, there is a set of fees for each person to submit their application and receive residence permit.

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