Invest In A Second Passport In Portugal
Issue April 2021

Discover the one-of-a-kind guide to the Portugal Golden Visa program – the most popular and successful residency-by-investment and citizenship-by-investment visa program in the world.

From its benefits, requirements, investment options, cost and taxes, application process to all the frequently asked questions - it takes you step by step through how it works to how you can apply and get a second passport in Portugal.

When considering a Golden Visa program, the quality of life, safety and peacefulness of a country is a large factor. The Portugal Golden Visa key benefits coupled with the remarkable safety ranking create an unmatched European investment program and country.


During the period October 2012 - February 2021, the Portugal Golden Visa scheme has yielded €5.7bn EUR worth of investment from 9,544 main applicants and 16,265 family members. This scheme has proved to be an exceptionally popular and resilient route for investors seeking to gain access to Europe.

As of February 2021, Portugal’s Golden Visa investments for the year amounted to €85 million EUR.

Portugal Golden Visa latest investment statistics - February 2021 infographic

Properties for Sale

Vilamoura is one of the largest recreation centres in Europe. The resort town is known for its natural beauty, warm climate, mineral springs and peaceful relaxation. This charming town is quickly increasing in demand. The Portugal Golden Visa real estate available for sale in Vilamoura is highly desirable, but the Algarve region will see restrictions in the begining of 2022. Now is the time to take advantage of the available opportunities in this marvelous and highly sought-after location.

Is there still any Golden Visa qualifying properties for sale in Vilamoura?

Introducing Pine Hills Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal

Pine Hills Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal - aerial photo of the resort overlooking the pool and poolside bar at sunset

Pine Hills is more than just a property in this sought out destination. It is a luxurious resort, offering many amenities to its guests and a starting point for exploration around the town. With resort amenities and new-build homes, there is a significant opportunity for a high return on investment.

The resort is set on beautifully landscaped gardens with a lush outdoor pool and is in close proximity to six world-class golf courses. It’s no wonder Pine Hills has won awards such as Best Apartment Portugal and Best Leisure Interior Europe.

Pine Hills apartments provide exclusivity and community. Pine Hills can be your slice of heaven. Prices start at €500,000 EUR. Units are selling out quickly — now’s the time to act.

Buy Pine Hills Vilamoura apartments directly from the developer

Latest News

Portugal Golden Visa restraints are postponed

Portuguese Government stepped back on the original rules set to restrain some areas of Portugal. As we noticed here before, Portuguese Government created, back in January 2020, a range of restrictions for the acquisition of Portugal’s Golden Visa, as they intended to remove some of the major cities from the list of available areas in which applicants could invest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I would like to acquire a Portuguese Golden Visa, but can I bring my family with me?

It is normal if you want to keep your family close. That is why every Golden Visa investor has the Family Reunification right. This means that you can bring family members such as: spouse, minor children, children above 18 that are still studying, siblings that are dependent on you, parents (yours or your spouse’s parents) that are dependent on you, among other specific examples. Living in Portugal is meant to be a pleasant experience, so having those that you care about close to you is not an issue with Portugal Golden Visa.

2. Why is the Portuguese passport so appealing?

It is simple: if you have a Portuguese passport, you have the fifth most powerful passport in the world. That means you can travel to 185 countries without the need for a visa. Talking about becoming a real globetrotter!

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