Portugal Golden Visa Properties

There is an abundance of real estate available for buyers, both rejuvenated and brand-new. However, finding a property in a foreign country can be a challenge. There are many factors such as reliable sellers, property prices, location, and qualification for the Golden Visa.

On this page, we will explore opportunities available to those investing to obtain a Golden Visa. All of these properties will meet the qualifications of the program. They will also be vetted properties with a reputable seller.

With Portugal’s soaring safety ranking, world-renowned beaches, eclectic culture, and favorable weather, tourism has skyrocketed. Portugal property investment is a more than viable business opportunity for rapid capital gains and growth.

Even though the largest cities will be ruled out in January 2022, the inland investment options are still good. In fact, the Portuguese government is offering additional benefits to people investing in cities and towns further inland. The new initiative involves local authorities (called Câmaras Municipais) providing buildings or land at giveaway prices, decreasing taxes, and supporting rental costs.

Because of the growth in popularity of its property sector, Portugal has recently had a strong comeback and is still relatively cheap by European standards.

Let’s explore some of the hot Portugal Golden Visa qualifying properties for sale, offered from reputable Portuguese developers, and learn why they are selling faster than they can come on the market.

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Golden Visa Properties for Sale in Faro, Algarve

Faro is considered one of the Portuguese urban regeneration areas. For this reason, many Faro properties make for perfect investments for the Portugal Golden Visa. The quality of life and safety in this area will only increase as more funds are allocated here in Faro.

Where in Faro can you find beautifully unique property for sale eligible for the Golden Visa?

No.9 Faro, Algarve, Portugal

No.9 Faro, Algarve, Portugal - picture of 3D rendering of the building facade

The Portugal Golden Visa property No.9 Faro apartments are one of the hottest investment opportunities right now. With guaranteed returns of 4% NET and fully furnished, investors will profit from the beginning.

With a central location in downtown Faro, eclectic apartment design, and spacious rooms, these apartments are perfect for investors or those looking for a new home.

The six two-bedroom Faro apartments create a small community. Several setup options are available, and each comes fully furnished, making the transition seamless, whether living or renting. The ground floor units are coming with private garden, and first and second floor units all with terraces and access to a private rooftop garden.

The most attractive feature for investors is the included property management. Leave the dirty work to the professionals while you reap the rewards that this stunning city apartment offers.

One of the conditions for the Golden Visa real estate investment option is a minimum €350,000 EUR investment in a property 30+ years old. Project No.9 Faro qualifies for this investment type and provides an opportunity to obtain the Golden Visa through property investment. The town of Faro has tremendous opportunity. With the updates to the Golden Visa restricting some cities/towns, it’s a great time to invest in a soon-to-be highly demanded area.

Now is the time to buy property in Portugal and get residency. Faro opens the door to Algarve and beyond. One of these apartments can be yours for just €370,000 EUR.

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Why Faro?

Faro is set on the inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, but with the climate of the Mediterranean region. Its beauty lies in the preserved lagoons that outline the city, where vessels and small islands give way to the vast sea of blue just beyond them.

Faro offers city feels within a coastal community promoting entertainment and relaxation. The city welcomes tourists with over 300 days of sun. Visitors can walk through cobbled streets while admiring the Faro Cathedral and later bask on one of Faro’s 20 beaches.

Faro, Portugal - aerial view of Marina Faro, the city and the ocean

Faro is one of the most attractive property investment locations, with a great range of natural parks, beautiful attractions, preserved lagoons and entertainment opportunities. Many options to keep everyone excited!

Faro Real Estate Location Guide


Faro sits on the southern tip of the Algarve region. Previously known as a working port, this city has seen significant evolution in recent years. The Golden Visa has given way to updating this coastal city and creating a destination beloved by tourists.

Visit the coast and explore the protected Ria Formosa Nature Park, where you’ll get to experience one of Portugal’s seven wonders. Golf with sights of the protected park, tranquil lagoon views, and local vegetation. Take in Portugal’s culture at one of Faro’s museums, shop at local markets, and browse from designer shops along Main Street. Tourists will experience the old heritage and modern amenities in the city of Faro.

The second-largest airport is located in Faro, making this city easily accessible and bound for even more growth and development.

Return on Investment

Investing in a property in Faro is an opportunity that will pay for years to come. The real estate market in this area is booming, and although demand is high, prices are still reasonable. By investing now, you have the chance for a significant return on investment. As prices continue to rise in the country’s capital, investors and visitors are seeking properties in locations like Faro.

Golden Visa Properties for Sale in Vilamoura, Algarve

Vilamoura is one of the largest recreation centres in Europe. The resort town is known for its natural beauty, warm climate, mineral springs and peaceful relaxation. This charming town is quickly increasing in demand. The Portugal Golden Visa real estate available for sale in Vilamoura is highly desirable, but the Algarve region will see restrictions in the begining of 2022. Now is the time to take advantage of the available opportunities in this marvelous and highly sought-after location.

Is there still any Golden Visa qualifying properties for sale in Vilamoura?

Pine Hills Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal

Pine Hills Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal - aerial photo of the resort overlooking the pool and poolside bar at sunset

Pine Hills is more than just a property in this sought out destination. It is a luxurious resort, offering many amenities to its guests and a starting point for exploration around the town. With resort amenities and new-build homes, there is a significant opportunity for a high return on investment.

The resort is set on beautifully landscaped gardens with a lush outdoor pool and is in close proximity to six world-class golf courses. It’s no wonder Pine Hills has won awards such as Best Apartment Portugal and Best Leisure Interior Europe.

The three-bedroom penthouse offers its owner/guests a fully furnished and spacious living area with a rooftop terrace to enjoy the coastline views. An elevator takes you from the garage to the living area and terrace.

The fully furnished two-bedroom apartment offers a spacious floorplan and modern design. This ground-floor unit offers walk-out views of the gardens and pool. You’ll feel like you have paradise right outside your window.

These apartments provide exclusivity and community. Pine Hills can be your slice of heaven. Prices start at €550,000 EUR. Units are selling out quickly — now’s the time to act.

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Why Vilamoura?

Vilamoura is a coastal community relished by tourists and investors. Located on the southern coast in the province of Algarve, it is a leading tourist destination in Portugal. With beautiful beaches, golf courses, a large marina, and a casino, it is quickly growing to be a popular destination in all of Europe. The town offers entertainment and relaxation, appealing to visitors looking to experience both.

Vilamoura, Portugal - aerial view of Marina Vilamoura

Vilamoura is one of the largest recreation centres in Europe. The resort town is known for its natural beauty, warm climate, mineral springs and peaceful relaxation. The perfect place for seafood and wine lovers!

Vilamoura Real Estate Location Guide


With close proximity to the Faro airport, travelers can easily access the town and local beaches. The stunning views of the marina coveted with crystal blue waters coupled with the near-perfect weather make Vilamoura a paradise on earth. Enjoy designer shopping, high-quality dining, and entertainment all within the bounds of the town.

The marina is home to over 1,000 vessels, with small boats to yachts present daily. Luxury hotels line the coast to overlook the port. Restaurants, cafes, bars, and the casino are nearby for optimal tourist entertainment.

With over 500,000 tourists visiting per year, the need for even more lodging and entertainment options increases. The popularity of the town showcases the value it already holds and what is to come.

Return on Investment

The province of Algarve has continued to develop its economy as more funds enter the region due to the successful Golden Visa program. Algarve has seen almost a 15% increase in property prices since 2014. Though the rise seems steep, the demand has not slowed, and property prices will continue to rise and retain value.

Vilamoura is still an affordable option for investors and those seeking a new home. The resort offers luxuries at a price that is hard to beat. If planning to rent, investors can expect gross rental income from 5% to 14%. This is one of the highest returns in all of Europe.

Golden Visa Properties for Sale in Lisbon

Lisbon will be affected by the upcoming changes to the Golden Visa program. Though rejuvenation is abundant in the city, it will no longer be a qualifying location for the Golden Visa investment at the end of 2021. However, there is still plenty of time to take advantage of this uniquely charming city location.

What is the most affordable Golden Visa property for sale in Lisbon right now?

No.9 Lisbon, Portugal

No.9 Lisbon, Portugal - picture of 3D rendering of the building facade

There are seventeen apartments within the No.9 Lisbon project. Many of the units have already sold out, but there are still around ten available. This prime real estate will not stay on the market long as investors cash in on the potential.

The options available are one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments. The three-bedroom apartments are the two penthouse suites. All apartments provide a spacious living area, modern and sleek design, and furnishings to match. This renovated 1950s building will showcase its heritage with contemporary features to appeal to many.

If you are interested in the Lisbon project, it’s time to take action. These apartments won’t last long as supply runs low. Prices start at €350,000 EUR and with the No.9 Lisbon apartments you're guaranteed a rental yield of 5%.

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Why Lisbon?

Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, is a highly desired travel destination. The history and heritage encapsulate this beautiful city, with traditional European architecture and preserved traditions. Lisbon experiences the warm Mediterranean weather, with hot summers and cool winters, increasing its desirability. The quaint city is one to be admired and explored.

Recognized as a global city, Lisbon is an epicenter for education, trade, finance, arts, and entertainment. Its value in the European economic system is displayed through its growing markets.

As Lisbon is the second oldest European capital, there is much to be experienced.

Lisbon, Portugal - view of Commerce Square

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is one of the oldest cities in Europe with impressive preserved architecture, warm climate with many sunny days and fascinating locations to visit. A truly desirable location for property investors!

Lisbon Real Estate Location Guide


Lisbon is the 9th most visited city in Southern Europe, and tourism is on the rise. As the Portugal Golden Visa increases in popularity, Lisbon also gains new investors and visitors. It is charming and quaint with narrow streets and old-fashioned buildings. It brings a sense of magic to all of its visitors as they step into a world different from the norm.

The city offers lodging, dining, entertainment, tours, and more. However, it is the city’s beauty that draws in tourists. Though Lisbon is a growing tourist destination, it still has some time before becoming Paris or Rome. However, this benefits visitors as traveling in and around the city proves to be extremely economical. It is known for being one of the best budget cities in Europe while still offering delicious, high-quality food, exciting nightlife, and highly-rated accommodations. You’ll truly feel immersed in Lisbon’s culture while here.

In addition, the Lisbon airport is only a 25-minute ride to the city center, again, making this location easily accessible for all visitors.

Return on Investment

As with many cities across the globe, rental prices have soared. With rising property prices comes the need to increase rental rates. However, this has not deterred new investors or renters. Rental yield in Lisbon varies between 4.5% to 6.7%.

As more and more investors flock to the city, Portugal’s government knows that funds need to be allocated to the upkeep and further development of the metropolitan. Golden Visa applicants will find immense value in investing in the country’s capital. Growth will continue, and so will progress.

FAQs About Portugal Golden Visa Properties

1. Can Portugal-golden-visa.pt help with real estate search, selection and acquisition?

The Golden Visa continues to gain new investors every day, and real estate is the primary investment chosen. All properties discussed on the page are Golden Visa eligible properties for sale. Take advantage of these affordable properties in beautiful cities and towns across the country.

We have partnered with the developers of the abovementioned properties to provide you with a seamless search and acquisition process. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

2. I want to get residence permit or citizenship from Portugal through real estate investment. Where should I invest?

There are many cities and towns that offer investors value and growth. We highly recommend the No.9 Faro, Pine Hills in Vilamoura, and No.9 Lisbon properties. They have been vetted by our team and are guaranteed to offer both prospective homeowners and investors a worthwhile investment. Whether you are interested in a city apartment or luxury resort, there are options for everyone.

3. What is a good Portugal Golden Visa property investment?

A good venture is one that offers a return on investment. The three apartment projects No.9 Faro, Pine Hills in Vilamoura, and No.9 Lisbon all offer around a 5% ROI. However, you also have to determine what investment best fits your needs. Find a property to match your desired outcome, and one that provides a return is a sound investment. We are confident one of these properties will meet your needs.