Portugal Golden Visa Costs, Fees, and Taxes

The Portugal Golden Visa costs, fees, and taxes, overall, are substantially lower than other countries’ programs which makes it one of the most affordable and cost-effective Golden Visa programs in the world.

This article will inform you about the additional costs, government fees, and real estate taxes if you're planning to invest in Portugal and get the benefits of the Portuguese passport.

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Golden Visa Government Fees

There are Portugal Golden Visa government fees directly related to the application submission and renewal of your Golden Visa.

The processing fee is paid at the time of application submission for both the primary applicant and all subsequent applicants. At renewal, this fee will need to be paid again for all parties.

The initial Portugal Golden Visa application fee is completed upon approval for the Golden Visa. This fee is the same for all applicants.

The Portugal Golden Visa renewal fees are paid at each renewal, and again, are the same for all applicants.

All Portugal Golden Visa government fees related to Golden Visa submission are as follows.

Fee Type Frequency Fee Amount
Processing Fee Twice — at initial submission and renewal Primary applicant: €533 EUR
Each dependent applicant: €84 EUR
Initial Application Fee With initial application Each applicant: €5,325 EUR
Renewal Fee With each renewal Each applicant: €2,663 EUR

Portugal Residence Permit Fees

  • Temporary residence permit fees - €73 EUR
  • Permanent residence permit fees - €222 EUR

* Fees are subject to change and determined by the Portuguese government.

In addition to the Portugal Golden Visa government fees, there are costs directly related to the purchase of a property.

The property costs vary depending on the purchase price, type of property and whether it will be your primary or secondary residence in Portugal.

The following chart breaks down the Portugal Golden Visa fees and taxes for the investment in a property.

Fee Type Fee Amount
Property Investment €280,000 EUR — €500,000 EUR
IMT Transfer Tax 6% — 8%
Stamp Duty 0.80%
Surveyor Fees €300 EUR — €600 EUR
Notary Fee €1,000 EUR — €1,500 EUR
Land Registry Cost €200 EUR — €300 EUR
Property Taxes- IMI 0.30% — 0.80%
Legal Fees 1% — 2%

Purchasing a property in Portugal can be facilitated through a company purchase too. While the company buys the property, you buy (or already hold, or incorporate new) shares in the company as a potential property investor. In this way, you indirectly purchase a property in Portugal.

Property Purchase Tax - IMT

The IMT transfer tax is a fee that the buyer must pay before the time of deed transfer. This cost is for the transfer of title/ownership of real estate in Portugal.

The percentage that a buyer will pay ranges from 6% to 8% for the property prices that qualify for the Golden Visa, €280,000 EUR to €500,000 EUR. There are a couple of factors that determine the fee percentage. These include the price paid, location, and if it's a first or second home in Portugal. Though the Portugal Golden visa taxes may seem a little daunting, this is a common cost.

Stamp Duty

Another property transfer tax is stamp duty. This tax needs to be paid before the time of deed transfer. The fee charged is a fixed price of .80% of the property purchase price. This is a minor cost when compared to other country’s stamp duty fees.

Surveyor’s Fees

The Portugal Golden Visa surveyor’s fees are an expense that is highly recommended to incur. However, the service is not required. Having your prospective property inspected by a surveyor is not only a good idea but a potential money-saver in the long-term. A home purchase is a significant acquisition and you want to be sure you are making a good investment. That is where the surveyor’s value comes in.

It will be a kind of insurance against any potential nasty surprises that might spring up with property purchases in 30+ years old buildings, i.e. the €350K EUR (and the reduced €280K EUR) Golden Visa investment options. An old restored property might have some flaws, which a good surveyor can reveal and gift you a more robust negotiation status to avail price benefits.

For a nominal fee, your future property can be inspected, both inside and outside. With a full inspection, the surveyor will review the structural and non-structural components of the building. This may include an assessment of the foundation, roof, plumbing, heating, and electrical. You will receive a full written report that details any issues or liabilities that the surveyor has found.

Under Portuguese law, the owner of a property is legally responsible for any structural issues, even if they were caused by the previous owner. Another reason why this service is highly recommended—this small upfront fee could save you from a bad investment.

The Portugal Golden Visa surveyor’s fees are based upon the size of the property and intricacies of the inspection. The cost ranges anywhere between €300 EUR to €600 EUR.

Notary Fees

A notary is required for the official and legally binding purchase of a property. Your property’s deed will need to be signed by you in the presence of a notary. The notary must also sign and stamp the document. The deed can then be presented to move forward in the official transfer of ownership.

Portugal Golden Visa notary fees are typically combined with the Land Registry fees but can be separate. The cost will range from €1,000 EUR to €1,500 EUR. It will be less if the registration fee is charged separately.

Land Registry Fees

When the transfer of title occurs in Portugal, the transaction must be recorded with the Land Registry. Land Registry records the legal status of the property and renders transaction protection regarding the same. Anytime the Land Registry must make a change with the deed, a cost will follow. The fee will be based upon the value of the property. It will range between €200 EUR — €300 EUR.

Though Portugal Golden Visa costs start to add up, they are all very standard fees. The registration of new ownership of a property with the Land Registry is a process that occurs in most countries.

If you have hired a lawyer to assist you with this investment process, they will handle this transaction with the Land Registry.

Once the transfer has taken place, the property is legally yours.

Immovable Property Taxes - IMI

Portugal Golden Visa property taxes are costs that come after the purchase. It is a straightforward fee that is paid annually. Immovable property taxes (IMI) are calculated based on the assessed value of the home and land, location, and history. The percentage charged ranges from .30% to .80%. Urban properties will typically range between .30% to .50%, while rural properties will incur a .80% rate.

Related Portugal Golden Visa fees to the aforementioned property tax are the rental taxes. This tax should be on your radar if you intend on purchasing a property for long-term rental purposes. The net income from your property will be charged at a rate of 28%. IMI, maintenance, and repair costs can be deducted from the revenue to lower your net figure.

The urban property tax rate depends upon the patrimonial value: taxable income of the holder of the property is up to to €153,300 EUR in the preceding year of purchase. The property's tax registration value is up to €125,000 EUR.

Exemptions on IMI Tax

  • Permanent exemption: a household’s annual taxable income should be less than €15,295 EUR;
  • 3-year property tax exemption: depending upon the property's usage, permanent home, or renting it out;

It is advised that you hire a real estate lawyer for the purchase of a property. The many complexities in the process should be left to a professional. Having an ally who has years of experience with Golden Visa real estate transactions is a more than worthwhile investment.

Portugal Golden Visa lawyer’s fees will vary from firm to firm. We recommend doing significant research before choosing an attorney to hire. You will want to find a lawyer with experience and prestige. Working with a reputable firm and attorney is essential. Ensure the Portugal Golden Visa legal costs are providing you with valuable and trustworthy guidance.

Appointment of Fiscal Representative

It is legally mandatory for all non-resident individuals and companies having real estate investment in Portugal to appoint a fiscal representative. Similarly, non-resident taxpayers incurring taxable income in Portugal must also specify a fiscal representative responsible for fulfilling all the tax obligations in Portugal. They have to calculate their individual or company client's tax obligations, including properties, bank accounts, income, and tax bills.

The typical cost for investor and spouse financial management and fiscal representation around €300 EUR per year (including VAT).

Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains tax levied on the sale of assets applies to profits earned through real estate and investments. Portuguese capital gains tax varied with your residency status and how you own your investments. For non-Portuguese residents, the entire profit from the property sale is taxable at a flat rate of 28%.

FAQs About Portugal Golden Visa Costs, Fees, and Taxes

1. How much does it cost to apply for a Portuguese passport?

It costs around €533 EUR to submit your application for approval. It costs an additional €84 EUR for any dependents that are included on the application.

2. How much is a Golden Visa in Portugal?

There are a handful of Portugal Golden Visa fees and costs. The main expenses for obtaining the visa are processing and application fees, and the investment cost and related fees. Fees paid to the government over the five years for the primary applicant are around €11,000 EUR. The investment amount and related fees total will vary drastically. However, the lowest amount when investing in real estate would be around €300,000 EUR.

3. How much is a Portuguese passport?

Portuguese passport fees are:

  • Standard passport (PEP) – €65 EUR (regular), €85 EUR (express), €95 EUR (urgent) plus €10 EUR shipping;
  • Passport for Foreign Citizens (PCE) – €111 EUR;
  • Temporary Passport (PT) – €150 EUR

4. What are Portugal Golden Visa tax benefits?

The Golden Visa program saves its applicants from tax responsibility if they spend more than 183 days (of the same year) in Portugal. Spending a minimum number of days qualifies for becoming tax residents in Portugal.

  • There is no income tax charge for the first ten years
  • For non-residents' tax is charged at 28% on the income procured in the country, and this tax rate can be brought down with rental income expenses
  • Capital gains tax at 28%, and there are cost and depreciation allowances
  • No tax charge on inheritance
  • There is a range of exemptions levied on IMI

5. What is the Portugal Golden Visa approval fee?

Portugal Golden Visa approval fee imposed by the Portuguese government per family member is €5,325 EUR. Portugal Golden Visa renewal fees are 50% of those rates. And there is a processing fee on application and renewal of €533 EUR for the principal applicant plus €84 EUR per family member.