The uprising opportunities of Portugal Golden Visa’s changes

Lisbon, Porto, Algarve – these are, surely, the most well-known regions of Portugal.

Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, with a temperate climate, vibrant people, and a great cultural schedule, these three coastal sites have been the top choice of more than nine thousand individuals that received their Portuguese Golden Visa so far. But, as usual, there is more than meets the eye, and that applies to Portugal too.

An immense opportunity for investment can be found in the not-so-well-known areas of Portugal.

In the Portuguese countryside, you can find a unique blend of breath-taking landscapes and authentic ancient folklore. Where people are often so genuine that you easily forget that this has been the World Travel Awards’ Europe’s Best Destination for the fourth year consecutively. And most importantly, it is exactly here where you can still find many amazing and affordable investment opportunities.

These ‘unexplored’ areas are now being highlighted since they are promoted by the Portuguese Government to stimulate the country’s economy. Therefore, they constitute a great investment opportunity for the Portugal Golden Visa applicants that may want to avoid the competitive and more expensive market of Lisbon, Porto, or Algarve.

All in all, if you choose the Portuguese countryside, you get to invest in a more affordable market and still receive your Golden Visa to freely travel through Schengen states with only seven days a year of permanence required in Portugal.

But if you are interested in investing in the major metropolitan areas such as Lisbon, Porto, or Algarve, you can do it as usual until 2022, as some restraining measures of those areas will start on January 1st 2022.

2021 can be the year to grab your chance!

Begin your journey towards residency in Portugal today!