Next Golden Visa investment opportunities: which will they be?

With the upcoming restraining measures, the Portuguese map unveils some impressive and undiscovered areas.

How come restraining measures – those that will start January 1st 2022 – can increase one country’s area instead of decreasing it? It may seem paradoxical, but we will take you to the point.

Portugal’s main investment areas have always been the coastal areas. With more than 900 km of coast, Portugal offers some of Europe’s most idyllic sunsets over the Atlantic. But is it really necessary to have your property located in excessively crowded areas, filled with tourism and scarce parking spots in such a small country with amazing transportation infrastructures?

That is why we will expand the country’s map and introduce you to some fantastic Portugal Golden Visa investment locations in quieter yet connected regions/places.

Peneda-Gerês area

It is Portugal’s only National Park (the only one to be classified as such), and surely it does not need that certification to show its uniqueness. Located on the northern border of Portugal, it is only about 1 hour away from Porto’s airport, 40 minutes away from the ocean, and another 1 hour away from Vigo, in Spain. But none of the other locations compare to what you will find in Peneda-Gerês. Filled with stunning waterfalls and lakes, dense forests, and wild horses running free, this is still one hidden gem, even for some Portuguese people.

Douro River’s Shores

Although Douro meets the Atlantic Ocean right in the city of Porto - Portugal’s second-biggest city, which is affected by the restraints - there is a lot to explore upstream. In case you are a wine lover, there is no need to explain how important this area is: Port Wine was born along these shores. However, it is not only the wine that is special here. The carved hills, the historical villages, the comfort food, the world recognized foot trails, the sights, and overall culture, are just unforgettable.

Serra da Estrela Natural Park

Serra da Estrela is the biggest mountain chain in Continental Portugal, and it is located between Guarda and Castelo Branco districts. It is one of the most important winter destinations for thousands of Portuguese, and one of the only places with substantial snowfall during the cold season, which makes it very popular around the country. Ironically, it is located only 2 hours away from the beach, and also close to Lisbon’s airport (about 3h away). One of the few places in the world where you can both snowboard and dive into the ocean between breakfast and lunch.

Terceira Island (Azores)

An island full of life, with a city included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Angra do Heroísmo), Terceira is the second busiest island of Azores and it is not hard to understand why. Whether you visit for the parties and events that happen almost all year long, or for the geological phenomena, or simply to be amazed by the evergreen hills and mountains, Terceira is one of the most well-preserved secrets of the Atlantic Ocean. And it counts with daily direct flights to and from Lisbon!

São Miguel Island (Azores)

The main island of the Azores Archipelago and the most visited of the nine. It is not only the one better connected from them all (there are direct flights from Lisbon, and even Frankfurt, Paris or London, depending on the time of the year) but also the most populated and well provided in terms of infrastructures. Its beauty is undeniable and tourism flourishes all around the island. Since it is the main island of Azores, it also serves as an economic link to the rest of the archipelago.

Madeira Island (Madeira)

Considered a resort all year round, due to its mild to warm climate derived from the African Continent, Madeira is the biggest island from the archipelago and also the most visited one. Characterized by its volcanic and forested landscapes – which are classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Madeira is the perfect combination of a touristic and a peaceful destination. This island is provided with air connections to places such as Lisbon and Porto, Spain, U.K, France, Germany, Switzerland, and many other places. Besides all that, Madeira has a set of tax benefits called Madeira Free Trade Zone which is made to attract foreign investors to the region.

Porto Santo (Madeira)

While Madeira Island has many ways to attract investors, Porto Santo offers its thriving tourism as its main convincing reason to invest, due to its even warmer climate. Therefore, you can find many resorts there and even a 27 holes’ golf course.

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