Portugal Golden Visa

The one-of-a-kind guide to the Portugal Golden Visa program – the most popular and successful residency-by-investment and citizenship-by-investment visa program in the world.

From its benefits, requirements, investment options, cost and taxes, application process to all the frequently asked questions - it takes you step by step through how it works to how you can apply and get a second passport in Portugal.

A Way In To The Portuguese Way Of Living!

Why invest in a second passport in Portugal?

When considering a Golden Visa program, the quality of life, safety and peacefulness of a country is a large factor. The Portugal Golden Visa key benefits coupled with the remarkable safety ranking create an unmatched European investment program and country.

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Quick Path To Citizenship

After only 5-years wait and 35-days residency in the country you're eligible for Portuguese permanent residency, dual citizenship and second passport in Portugal.

Visa-Free Travel To EU

Travel visa-free to the 26 countries from the Schengen Area for 90 days every 180 days and to over 130 countries worldwide including Canada, Japan, Singapore, UK and USA.

Affordable Investment Options

Select from a variety of reasonably priced investment options like real estate investment, job creation, capital investment, capital transfer & donations starting at €250,000.

Friendly Tax Regime

Portugal Golden Visa tax benefits are hard to beat, especially the NHR tax status which comes with great tax advantages affecting both personal and professional monies.

Inclusion Of Family Members

Generous definition of dependents allowing family members the right to live, work, travel, study and gain permanent residence or citizenship in Portugal.

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What do you need to get started?

International investors see Portugal as one-of-a-kind opportunity to get EU residence and a preferred place to invest in a second passport. With flexible investment requirements, clearly defined eligibility criteria and predictable path to citizenship – the Golden Visa scheme is one of the most affordable and appealing citizenship by investment visa programs across the globe.

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1. Meet Eligibility Criteria

Anyone over the age of 18 with a clean criminal record and not a citizen of Portugal, Switzerland, EU or EEA may qualify for the Golden Visa program and acquire Portuguese citizenship.

2. Make Qualified Investment

To become a permanent resident or citizen of Portugal through the Golden Visa program the candidate must make a qualified investment in Portugal and maintain it for five years.

3. Apply For Golden Visa

We will walk you step-by-step through the application process required to successfully submit your Golden Visa application and include all eligible family members and dependents.

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What are my investment options?

The opportunities through the Portugal Golden Visa investment program are vast and varying. There are options to satisfy all types of investors with selections in real estate, business ventures, donations, and capital transfer.

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Real Estate Investment

More than 90% of Golden Visa investors purchase real estate because of Portugal's excellent property market potential. The most common Golden Visa investment option, in the range of €280K – €500K EUR, is to buy real estate in Portugal as vacation home, full-time home, or rental property.

Capital Investment

Capital investment can be as simple as transfer of capital to a Portuguese bank account or investing it in an existing Portuguese business, government bonds, qualifying private equity or venture capital funds aimed at providing capital to companies that meet certain requirements.

Job Creation

Creation of full-time jobs in Portugal is an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs and startup companies. It's a lower-cost alternative to the other Golden Visa investment options and provide a new outlet in a developing economy with immense support from the government.


A non-refundable charitable contribution in preserving national heritage, support for artistic production, donation in a public or private research & development institution that is part of the national scientific or technological system in Portugal also qualify you for Golden Visa residency.

See more investment options and make sure you understand the pros and cons before deciding

Portugal Golden Visa Changes And New Rules 2022

The long-awaited details for Portugal Golden Visa changes were officially declared on February 12th, 2021 and will be in force as of January 1st, 2022. So, throughout 2021, prospective applicants can make use of the existing investment options and invest in properties wherever they like within Portugal.

In general the required Golden Visa minimum investment amounts for the capital investment, job creation and donation routes will increase from €350,000 EUR to €500,000 EUR in 2022

The real estate investment route will face restrictions too. You will no longer be able to get a property in major cities such as Lisbon or Porto or in coastal towns in Algarve. For real estate properties to qualify for Golden Visa, they have to be located in the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira or in the interior territories in Portugal.

Portugal Golden Visa Eligible Properties For Sale

Affordable properties are for sale in some of Portugal’s most charming and picturesque cities and towns. Whether you wish to invest in a bustling city with restaurants and entertainment within walking distance or a quaint town with outdoor markets and local heritage, there’s a property for everyone.

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Portugal Golden Visa qualifying properties for sale from reputable Portuguese developers.

Capitalize on the booming real estate market in Portugal today.

Find top real estate deals of 2024 eligible for the Golden Visa program



There are seventeen apartments within the No.9 Lisbon project. Many of the units have already sold out, but there are still around ten available. This prime real estate will not stay on the market long as investors cash in on the potential.

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Portugal Golden Visa FAQ

Find answers to the most common questions about the Golden Visa scheme, investment migration in Portugal and how to invest in Golden Visa eligible properties.

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What is citizenship by investment?

Citizenship by investment is a process by which you can obtain a second citizenship by investing in the local economy - usually in the form of property investment. In simpler terms, you get citizenship in exchange for your investment in the country.

What is residency by investment?

Residency by investment or the so called Golden Visa scheme allows investors and their families to reside in a particular country in exchange for a qualifying investment. The candidates must make a qualified investment and maintain it for a number of years.

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