Portugal Golden Visa Statistics

Portugal Golden Visa statistics, updated number of applications submitted, analysis of investments by country and latest Golden Visa investment facts & figures.

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Latest Investment Statistics - May 2021

Portugal’s Golden residence scheme generated €27 million EUR in May 2021, a figure significantly below last month where the investments were €51 million EUR. For the first time in the history of the Portugal's Golden Visa program there was an investor donating €250,000 EUR in preserving national heritage in Portugal or support for artistic production.

As of May 2021, Portugal’s Golden Visa investment amounted to €204 million EUR.

Portugal Golden Visa latest investment statistics - May 2021 infographic

Portugal Golden Visa Statistics During COVID-19

According to SEF's statistics, Portugal's Golden Visa programme seemed to remain intact even during COVID-19. Portugal issued over 380 residence permits to main applicants by the end of May 2021.

February 2021 proved to be the most remarkable month this year with a total of €52m EUR investments. In April 2021 Portugal received €48m EUR of real estate investment in just one month, even during the uncertain times of a global pandemic.

Portugal Golden Visa figures remained high in Q1 2021, with €125m EUR in total investments, and €51m EUR generated in April 2021. This is an extraordinary result given the adverse influence that the COVID-19 outbreak has had on other economies and the real estate industry around the globe.

Overall, Portugal generated €646m EUR in 2020 from 3,225 people, out of which €588m EUR was yielded from real estate investment and €58m EUR from capital transfer.

Statistics on Portugal Golden Visa (2012 to 2021)

Portugal Golden Visa all time facts and figures infographic

During the period 2012-2021, the Portugal Golden Visa scheme has yielded €5.8bn EUR worth of investment from 9,767 main applicants and 16,615 family members. This scheme has proved to be an exceptionally popular and resilient route for investors seeking to gain access to Europe.

Portugal Golden Visa - residence permits for investment activity infographic

Some other statistics related to Portugal Golden Visa are:

  • By January 2021, Portugal generated investments of more than €5.6 billion EUR from 25,421 individuals (9,381 investors and 16,040 family members).
  • Chinese nationals invested a total of €37 million EUR during the second quarter of 2020, which was twice their spending in all of 2019.
  • In the first quarter of 2019, the Golden Visa programme generated €249 million EUR.
  • In 2019, investment by Brazilian nationals was up by almost 42%.
  • Chinese investment declined during the initial 8 months of 2019, a drop of 15.7% from the same duration in 2018.
  • In 2017, 1,351 primary applicants and 2,678 family members applied for the golden residence permit, investing a total of €844m EUR during the year.
  • In 2016, 1,414 investors and 2,344 family members were awarded residence permits, investing €874m EUR in that year.
  • 766 primary applicants (along with 1,322 family members) applied for the Golden Visa in 2015, investing a total of €465m EUR.
  • In 2014, €921m EUR were invested in the Golden Visa Programme by 1,526 investors and 2,395 family members. This was the most successfull year for the program so far.
  • The total investment in 2013 was €304m EUR.
  • In 2012-2013, 496 Golden Visas were granted to main applicants (494 in 2013 and 2 in 2012).
  • Since 2012, 90% of all investments have come in the form of real estate acquisitions.

Portugal Golden Visa - total investments by year infographic

Portugal's Golden Visa Facts: Total Number of Visas Issued in 2020

According to Portugal's Golden Visa figures, 1,182 main applicants were granted the residence permit in 2020. In the same year 2,043 dependents also received the Golden Visa. 1,094 of these main applicants applied via the real estate property purchasing route, investing €588m EUR in 2020. On the other hand, only 88 residence permits were awarded to those who applied via the capital transfer route.

In December 2020, only 49 main applicants and 85 family members were granted residence permits. 47 of these main applicants applied via the real estate investment route and only 2 applicants selected the capital transfer pathway for Golden Visa.

Investment Type Statistics

Out of all the Portuguese Golden Visa applications, the most common investment types were:

Real Estate Applications: 9,170

  • €500,000 EUR real estate applications: 8,311
  • €350,000 EUR real estate urban rehabilitation applications: 859

Capital Transfer Applications: 578

  • €1 million EUR capital transfer in a Portuguese bank: 489 applications
  • €350,000 EUR capital investment in funds: 83 applications
  • €350,000 EUR capital investment in business + creation of jobs: 5 applications
  • €250,000 EUR donation to preserve national heritage or support for artistic production: 1 application

Creation of 10 Full-Time Jobs: 19 applications

Portugal Golden Visa - distribution of total investments by investment route and year infographic

The most prevalent investment option for Portugal’s Golden residence permit is the real estate investments route.

According to industry experts, the changes in Portugal Golden Visa program next year will branch out choices of investors, encouraging them to apply for other investment options such as creating at least 10 full-time jobs or investing in research or Golden Visa investment funds.

Portugal Golden Visa - Investment Routes Statistics

Top Investor Countries

As per the Portugal Golden Visa stats, the highest number of applicants came from the following countries:

  • China: 4,923 applicants
  • Brazil: 1,021 applicants
  • Turkey: 464 applicants
  • South Africa: 403 applicants
  • Russia: 375 applicants

In 2021, out of 386 applications so far, main nationalities that received Golden Visa were:

  • China: 163 applicants
  • Brazil: 32 applicants
  • USA: 26 applicants
  • Russia: 18 applicants

In 2020, out of 1,182 applications, main nationalities that received Golden Visa were:

  • China: 296 applicants
  • Brazil: 126 applicants
  • USA: 75 applicants
  • South Africa: 74 applicants
  • Turkey: 72 applicants

Portugal Golden Visa Numbers Related To Nationalities

FAQs About Portugal Golden Visa Statistical Data

1. What is the total number of applicants that have applied for Portugal’s Golden Residence Permit Programme since it started?

The Portugal Golden Residence Permit Programme started in October 2012. Since then, 9,767 residency permits have been awarded to foreign investors, with 16,615 dependents enjoying Golden Visa family perks.

2. What nationality has made the most investments in Portugal’s Golden Residence Permit scheme?

Portugal Golden Visa statistics report China as the main country that has invested in the residence permit programme. To date, 4,923 Golden Visas have been awarded to Chinese nationals.

3. What is the most popular investment route per the Portugal Golden Visa data?

The most prevalent investment option for Portugal’s Golden Residence Permit has been real estate investments until now. Purchasing property worth €500,000 EUR remains to be the major investment option candidates take to get Portugal’s residency.

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