Portugal Golden Visa: More Relevant Than Ever

A research across the international residency and citizenship through investment visa programs, has demonstrated that Portugal is definitely one of the most – if not the most - distinguished countries for Golden Visa investment at this turn of decade.

Many reasons are considered for this circumstance, but one of the most important is the attractiveness of its costs of investments options.

While some countries like the UK, Spain, Malta and Cyprus have an overall higher cost of investment, in Portugal, investors can purchase real estate for an amount as low as €280,000, making it much more affordable.

Astons, an influential immigration firm, declared that Portugal has consolidated its place as one of the leading countries for Golden Visa investment and said that “investors’ interest remains strong across many European countries and this is being driven not only by UK investors keen to overcome any Brexit obstacles but also by American investors due to the political instability of recent months.”.

These circumstances allow Portugal to “start taking centre stage in this respect, having previously played secondary roles to others, more traditionally popular investment programs, such as Greece and Cyprus. As a result, total investment levels have declined in recent years, but this looks like it is starting to change as the nation has a lot to offer from an investment perspective. It’s affordable, provides flexibility, a great standard of living and good education prospects and so not only does it make sense financially, but many investors are showing interest with their family being the main motivation.” Arthur Sarkisian, Managing Director of Astons, concludes in Diário Económico.

On top of that, property prices in Portugal have risen by 5.9 percent in the last year and are experiencing significant growth rates in Vila Real (16.6 percent), Aveiro (14.2 percent), Viseu (14.1 percent), Porto (11.6 percent), Coimbra (11.3 percent), Braga (10.5 percent) and Setúbal (10 percent) benefiting future investors.

The whole world is ready to see Portugal as Europe’s investment center. How about you?

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