Portugal Golden Visa is alive and well

After the abnormal 2020, this year is back on track for investment.

Although it might seem like 2020 did not really end in last December, the current year is indeed full of hope for a great worldwide recovery. Portugal Golden Visa Program is a great example of this!

Take February as an example: Golden Visa investment has raised 13% compared to the same period of time last year. That means investments of a total of 52,3 million euros was made, according to the balance made by Lusa Agency, based on SEF (Portuguese Border Control Authority) statistics. According to SEF, investment was also raised by 58% compared to January this year. In terms of numbers of investors, in February, Portugal gave 100 investors their Golden Visa, with China maintaining its status of the biggest investor (46 Golden Visas), followed by Brazil and the USA (7 and 5 Golden Visas, respectively). Turkey, South Africa and Russia are, as well, amongst the countries that invest the most since the beginning of Golden Visa Program.

Launched in October 2012, Golden Visa Program registered until this February, a total of 5724 million euros accumulated investment – of which the great majority comes from real estate investment: 5177 million euros. In terms of visas granted, this program has already provided 16265 residency permits to investors and their family members, from which 215 were given during this year.

Portuguese Government’s postponing of the restraining measures for cities such as Lisbon and Porto, and regions such as Alentejo’s coastal area and Algarve, to January 2022 is perceived as a trigger to this year’s expected boom in terms of demand.

Despite the Government’s decision, many investors consider 2021 a key year for investment, as they know that adversity if often followed by opportunities. Are you ready to grab your opportunity?

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