5 major reasons to invest in Portugal Golden Visa without a second thought

Portugal Golden Visa Program Is one of the most rewarding citizenship by investment schemes in Europe. Due to its flexible investment options and low minimum investment requirement amount, the program has been many-investors-favorite since its launch in 2012.

But, it isn’t without a couple of reasons.

Being one of the most stable schemes earning the Portuguese government and investors millions of euros annually, investing in this program can have more impressive rewards upon your investment maturity.

With the favorable business environment that the country provides, any investment option you choose based on your research and due diligence can always pay off earlier than expected. In January 2021 alone, the program raked at a whopping €33.1. This was about 20% up from the previous investment amount.

Property investment under EUR 500,000 category contributed about 87%, while the EUR 350,000 accounted for 10% (€3.2 million), while funds investments accounted for 3% (€1.1 million). Thus, overall, the investment program is moving faster and quickly, closing in on EUR 6 billion since its launch. This alone is a clear indication that the program is viable and can give in a quicker return on your investment.

While there are about three most sought investment options, the real estate sector has proven to be the most popular investment route due to the ever-increasing value of the housing market.

Due to many tourist attractions sites and the fantastic beaches that the Portuguese nation has, soaring housing demand is the norm, resulting in quickly increasing housing costs.

What makes Portugal Golden Visa a great investment deal like no other?

While there are many Golden Visas globally, there are countless reasons to opt for the Portuguese Golden Visa scheme. Here are five reasons that make this scheme a prime venture.

  • Portugal Golden Visa provides a range of affordable investment options to invest in and obtain a residency permit. Some options, such as Cultural Heritage Contribution, require as little as EUR 250,000, while investment in older properties goes for as low as EUR 350,000.
  • Seven days per year is enough. According to the Portugal Golden Visa requirements, you only need to spend at least seven days in Portugal per year to qualify for a residency by investment visa. And this doesn’t seem a dream far-fetched.
  • You can become a citizen by investment within five to six years of investment. Additionally, the Golden Visa allows you visa-free access to EU countries.
  • Portugal is one of the safest and secure countries with a solid infrastructure, superb climate, high quality, and affordable living standards. Besides that, the Portuguese country has a good education and health system.
  • Tax benefits. With the Portugal Golden Visa Program, you aren’t required to pay tax unless you stay in the country for more than 183 days, upon which you become a tax resident. In the case you become a tax resident, the tax regimes are also by far favorable.

Portugal is not a blacklisted country, and so is their Golden Visa program. This gives you confidence in the investment program. If approved for the investment scheme, the visa also covers your family members who meet the prescribed criteria.

Begin your journey towards residency in Portugal today!